Musical Groups


Musical Groups

Ross provides excellent live music for any situation, from background music to formal concerts. The various groups he represents conjure the perfect musical ambience for weddings, receptions, conventions, parties, and special events!

Repertoire includes a wide assortment of styles depending on the group: Compositions with all the major composers are represented — Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Handel, to name just a few. Popular, Jazz, and Christmas selections are also available.

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Ross represents the following musical groups:

Two Flutes ~ Ross Curran & Erin Marks

Repertoire includes a wide assortment of compositions written and arranged for two flutes.

Erin is a freelance musician who studied and played in New York and now lives in Vancouver.

“Menuet Gluck” – click to hear sample


Duo Pastorale ~ Ross Curran & Paul MacDermot

Repertoire includes a wide assortment of compositions written and arranged for flute and guitar. In addition to works from all the major composers including Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, Latin American Music, Folk Music, Jazz, and Christmas selections are also available.

Paul MacDermot studied guitar at Sweelink Conservatorium in Amsterdam and now performs and teaches in the Lower Mainland.

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“La Llorana Yucatan Folk Dance”- click to hear sample


Santa’s Saxes ~ Vancouver’s Christmas Tradition

This vibrant saxophone trio performs Christmas music in styles ranging from Brass Chorales to lively jazz versions of popular Yuletide tunes.

Enjoy the sight of the city’s finest sax players dressed in tuxedos with special Christmas flair. The clever harmonies and jolly visuals deliver a performance that will grace any Christmas occasion.

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“Deck the Halls” – click to hear sample

“Rudolph” – click to hear sample


Ross Curran Jazz Trio

Over the years this Jazz Trio has played for receptions, luncheons, openings, Christmas Parties and even dances. The repertoire ranges from swing to soft background jazz and Latin material using both jazz standards and occasional original material. Besides playing with this special group all three musicians perform regularly as freelance musicians in the lower mainland.


Telemann Wedding Trio

Available in two different versions:
Flute, violin and keyboard, or
Flute, violin and cello

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Sousa’s Saxes

Sousa’s Saxes perform arrangements of John Philip Sousa’s famous marches and many of the rags, polkas and waltzes that were popular 100 years ago. This group was formed in 2012 to perform at the Burnaby Village Museum to celebrate 100 years of transportation.

The saxophone was a very popular instrument in the first part of the 1900’s. It was so popular that the City of New York had to pass laws about when and where people could practice their Saxophones. Sousa’s Saxes continues to bring the joy and excitement of years gone by through their upbeat, lively music.


Music Man

Solo educational performance.

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The following groups are also available:

Summer Saxes

Mendelssohn Flute Trio

Flute and Harp

Flute and Violin

Flute and Oboe